I can’t seem to just forget him..why?


I don’t exactly recall how long it’s been. It’s been long enough for my heart to ache more than it should. He left to another girl, while I am quietly waiting in the shadows for him to return to me once again. Although I know that will never happen. Sometimes I find myself not thinking about him, and I am happy for myself. Then he messages me, or I find a picture of him, see his favorite song on Youtube, see a show or movie he’s watched..and the aching continues. I don’t want to feel like I am tying myself down to a man who’s not even mine. Clearly he’s moved on. I am still here. I don’t want to be. Help?

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Been there..and it sucks royally. He was my first and although I didn't love him, being side lined after sharing something important to me hurt. Not only that but I had to watch him day after day and know I would never get a piece of myself back. But...time heals all wounds. Yeah I'm still butt hurt that my first sexual experience was with a selfish jerk, but I won't let it define who I am. But you will hurt and it may take a month, a year but you will feel better with time. The fact that you feel good when your not thinking about him is proof that your resilient enough to move above and beyond him. Mourn your loss, cry yourself to sleep, or when you need a moment...then stop and move on..take a breath and remember that he is not the only person in your life that you will love, and there WILL be someone better for you..you just can't see through the pain. But I promise you will heal and you will be stronger for it. One day you will wake up and he will be less important then he was the day before..P.S..stop talking to this guy...it wil help lots :)
Could not have said it better than Autumn Leaf
well i think you should start by to stop talking with him , and just try to move on i mean life stops for no one and so should you.
Well even in this situation I have god news for you....I do not care what anyone says THEY ALL COME BACK! They all regret what they did and start talking all nice and try to win you back. The good thing about this is while you are here hurting now when he does come back you won't want him anymore. And that is the best feeling in the world. See you have an advantage you are giving yourself time to mourn, to hurt and in the end YOU WILL BE THE ONE TO GENUINELY MOVE ON. But this guy he is not mourning or grieving now, and when he decides too you would be so over him. You ever hear the saying today for you tomorrow for me... It is a true saying. Give him today look forward for tomorrow, Cause it will come and you will be laughing last.... trust me!
He moved on.....you need to move on. If he did come back why would you want to be 2nd choice? Doesn't make sense. Move around, make new friends and new memories and you will soon forget why you were even dwelling on him in the first place.