I cant decide


So I’m a 17 yr old girl. I’ve never been able to really try and ask a boy out or figure out if they like me, etc. But recently, I’ve noticed that I’ve fallen for two boys.

First boy is a jokester. He’s sarcastic and cute. He always know how to make me smile and is willing to try anything for my sake.

Second boy is really cute and nice. He shares the same interests with me and we both seem to connect.

My issue is how do I choose which one? Obviously I’m suppose to follow my heart but honestly, my heart is split between them both. And I also don’t know how to ask either one of they like me or have any feelings towards me. I’m really bad at subjects like love and have never been able to express it properly. Please help.

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When you date someone, you either end up breaking up or getting married. Which one would you marry? Which one would protect you with their life? Which one could you honestly not live without?
Second one sounds more promising since you share a connection and the same interests...well most promising as friends at the very least. The other one you mentioned I feel like there's not enough details about him to decide if that's all you feel you like about him so far...well the other one just sounds like a deeper thing from the sound of it. Then again, the first one sounds really nice. Then again, most guys are willing to do anything for you in the beginning. It's hard to say really since I don't know them. Well I suppose this wasn't much help. I'm sure you'll be able to figure this out if you think on it enough.
To be honest ,I know how you feel because I went through this exact situation like 2 weeks ago .&'dd trust me I know this situation really is hard and not a lot of people understand it .I'm tired of people being like "go with your heart" but that's the problem the heart is telling you both . .but, just go with who fits YOU .Who makes you smile, laugh more,can't go a day without texting, calling or just thinking about the one who is basically YOUR other half .
Choose the one whom you feel would bring you the most happiness, the best fit.
Have them both then. But make sure they are ok with that before you do that.