I am very bored and want someone to talk to, maybe get to know and confide in…..any takers?


I love people in general but have issues with self esteem and confidence….I feel very invisible. People will just walk away from me in the middle of me sharing something everyday and I don’t know why, but it hurts and at this point in my life, I am very much alone and its getting worse and worse for my psyche. Basically since I broke up with my last girlfriend I have fallen back into a funk and just am looking for someone to get to know and hopefully support me through the stuff I am going through
I am a very good mannered persona and love helping people, mainly cause I know what its like to be ignored and have no one care and don’t ever wanna see anyone else go through it, and its just the way things should be in my opinion. We need to all help each other….if we did more often, the world would be a beautiful place

Category: Tags: asked August 1, 2015