How to start a new life?


Have you ever started over or helped someone to start over? If so how?

Story too long so i will get to the basics. Sick for a long time now i am better. Need to move away from here small town to begin again. I can either find work to have enough to pay for rent food etc. or buy a cheap property with a livable building on it. Problem is the only jobs i can get won’t pay enough for rent etc. (no college, experience or refs), the only property i can afford are junk non livable or in bad areas (detriot as 1 example) which defeat my purpose of a better life. Tried many different paths and some ways you wouldn’t think of to accomplish one or the other, failed. No work here so Other cities and states which is my goal anyway, hate it here. Can’t handle heavy physical or being out in the heat otherwise i could have left. It’s not about what i want to do it’s about what work is there of anything for me to be able to leave this terrible place.

How have you started over or helped someone to do that? Maybe it is something i haven’t tried and can try it. Thanks.

Category: asked August 30, 2015

2 Answers

Hmm... Well I feel you for wanting to start fresh, hehe. Have you considered living with friends or seeking out other people to be roommates with? That way you don't have to pay 100% of the bills and you have higher chances of getting to live in a better place. Never give up looking around the web for jobs, your persistentence will reward you! Try volunteering at places too, it will give you experience that some employers may be looking for.
Again not telling the whole story keeping it basic. Those are good suggestions however roommates will not work out (not the reason you think). Relatives could care less. Remember the ugly duckling story? Just something you can relate to. Have been to several places on the web, maybe you know of a place i haven't tried.