How to get more interests?


Im a guy in college. I feel like i cant connect with many people(especially girls) because i dont really have many hobbies and I feel like i dont have much to say about other things people like or do. I kinda just sit in my room, go to class, and go on the internet. Ive tried looking for groups i could join but nothing seems interesting to me or I feel like id be happier in my room then make a commitment to a group. I wanna be a more interesting person but i dont see it happening. I was raised to be boring

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1 Answer

I don't know if you were raised to be boring, as much as you're worried about committing yourself to a new interest. You aren't doomed to be boring, you just haven't found something that draws you in yet. First suggestion: Try Welcome to Night Vale (it really seems to rope people in). Second (more serious suggestion): Look at what you're doing on the internet. You have things you're interested in (aside from porn) there right? Politics, fandoms, hobbies. If there isn't a group for it, consider starting one? It's as easy as making a Facebook group and having a few informal meet-ups. Third suggestion: Go to the clubs anyway. Commit yourself to a full semester/four months of club membership, and throw yourself into the activity. Whether it's knitting, Jiu jitsu or Pokemon just go to the group and spend some time there. Lots of people in these groups could take or leave the hobby (or do it at home) but the social environment is what draws them back each time. This will only work if you genuinely commit to the group and go out of your way to meet people, sitting in the corner of your book club nodding won't do. You are an interesting person, I promise.