How to face my fears…?


I fear of death, and it leads to other problems involving losing faith on my religion. To be precise, whats your point of view in afterlife? Pls Dont say we’ll be worm food and be nothing in a black abyss. I’m still young and I’m trying to understand “things”. Sometimes, I question Why are we here and whats our purpose, And what god really is. How do I “understand”/face my fears??

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Well, hopefully you don't have to face this fear (of dying) for a VERY long time yet. You're young, you have your whole life ahead of you yet, it's not time to start worrying about death. What's after death though? No one knows. Christian's can't definitely say there is a Heaven and a Hell, but Atheist's can't definitely say we just rot in the ground and become nothing either. You can only know what happens after death when it happens to you (not for a long time yet though). Everyone fears death because of exactly this reason: no one knows what happens afterwards. It's 100% normal. It's understandable. When I think about it, I get scared as well. When you ask people what they think happens after you die, you will gets lots of different beliefs, but no facts. What helps you deal with this though is accepting that you don't know, and guessing or hoping based on YOUR beliefs. For example, I'm an Atheist. I don't believe in Heaven and Hell, but I do believe in ghosts and spirits. I believe there is something, what that something is though, I don't know. No one knows. You just have to enjoy the time that you have right now. If you spend too much time worrying about death, you won't really have much of a life. I hope this helps.
Hey Maria, I used to be the same way. My mother was a very religious hardcore Catholic, and when I was young I couldn't grasp the fact that there was some entity in the sky testing us, it just seemed to far fetched to me. Almost like the bible was this big fairy tale filled with angels and demons and men who had powers. I actually remember being a young girl sitting in the pews after being dragged to church and making a pact with God; that if he was real he had to give me a big sign. Not a small sign like those ladies who think they see Jesus in toast; but a real sign, something supernatural and until I got that sign I saw to need to communicate with him. Well after a few years I actually got my answer it was a big one witnessed by multiple people, things came into perspective after that point. I look around me now and see so much life. For me at least there is just to much coincidence for their not to be a god now. You may not believe my story and that's okay. I can guarantee you though, if you just ask like I did you absolutely will get an answer and those fears that you have of death will be gone in an instant. Here is an interesting story for you
I think it's 100% normal as a human being to fear death and to question our religion and how the world works because we don't know the answers to any of it. We have no way of finding out what happens after death, and no way to prove that God or any kind of person/figure from any religion ever even existed.
I'm 19 and I'm still trying to figure life out. And you said you're still young, so (I know easier said than done) try to stop stressing over all of this. You have plenty of time to think about death and all of that. Have fun with your life right now.
In my opinion, all of the theories and myths and stuff like Heaven and Hell is just a comfort to the living. We like solidarity, we like to know the answers to everything. So we comfort ourselves with the idea that some people to go to Heaven and some people go to Hell or the souls of our loved ones will forever watch over us, etc. etc. Funerals are partially for the living as well (also a way to pay respect to the one who has passed). But funerals proved a sense of closure, and they pull people together. They can cry and hug and comfort in the same place.
There are few people who aren't afraid of dying, and they're either lying or they're comfortable with the fact that it's a part of life. It's just how it works. Sometimes we get the chance to live to be 100 and sometimes we don't make it past being a baby. But when or how we die doesn't take away from how we should spend our life. We should still have the best life possible because that's what counts. Not our death. Everybody dies someday, it's inevitable. And honestly, I think repeating the truth to yourself is a start to getting over your fear. The rest comes with age in my opinion. Because as you age, you also experience. And you learn. Your knowledge and your opinion of the world change over time, and so will your fear of death.
As for why we're here.....we're here for a lot of reasons. We're here to grow, to learn, to make mistakes, to evolve, to develop, to create, the destroy, to love, to hate, to discover. There's no one direct answer of why we're here. We were given a chance to be alive and to do all of these amazing things.
Unfortunately, nobody can give you those answers. Religious folks can prove that there is a heaven and hell, and I as an atheist can't prove that we don't just rot in the ground. But honestly, you shouldn't worry about it. Stressing over something as inevitable as death is just going to cause stress and anxiety.No one can prove who is right, so it's best not to worry about it. You're young and you most likely have your whole life ahead of you. Focus on living a happy life and achieving the things you want to rather than wonder if you're going to rot someday or live in eternal bliss.
Look, I fear death, I believe in heaven and hell, so stay on the safe side, live the life of some one who would go to heaven if there ever is one, of there isn't, then u did what's right, if there is then good job, you made it in.
I don't think anybody can ever give you those answers.. you just have to experience life and find out your own path from them.. the best way to get over the fear of death however is to maybe do things to get your mind off of the subject or you could maybe do some research into all of the different possibilities of what happens after death.. it may give you hope .. This is a very difficult subject to explore