how to ask a friend to hang out


I have a friend that I hang out with from time to time, but always at his house and almost never just the two of us. usually when we hang out its when hes having a few people over to chill, and its a semi group setting, and its ALWAYS at his house because he doesn’t have a car.
A week ago at a party I was leaving and he told me to stop by sometime, so I take that as an invitation that we are good enough friends that we can hang out, but how do I ask if he wants to hang out if id be pretty much inviting myself over to his place?
Im always nervous asking people to hang out, but I usually conquer that by asking them to go to a movie or an activity that I dont have to worry about entertaining them, so this is a bit different.
Im just bored and looking for someone to chill with, but I dont know how to ask if he wants to hang out, and make it seem super casual. advice?

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3 Answers

The way I'd say it would be something like: "Hey man, would it be cool if I came over to hang out?". Try not to overthink it; he already said you should stop by, after all, so he shouldn't be weirded out by you asking to do just that.
Hello! I used to be the same way, nervous when asking people to hang out. I would just say to him something along the lines of "Hey, can I take you up on your offer of hanging out sometime?" If you want it to just be the two of you, I would also say something like, "Let's just have an "Your name/his name" day. One of my friends ALWAYS wants to hang out with me and 5 other of his friends. It's not like I mind, but one on one time is fun too. Best of luck! Message me if you need any further help!
hey! :) I think it's always easier to ask a friend over if you have a particular reason. like if you want to play tennis because it's a nice day or you want to get better. or if you got a new car or something relevant to your shared interests. message me for any follow up advice!