How do you manage your anger?


Hey! How do you manage/deal with your anger? Any pointers or suggestions?
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Tags: asked May 28, 2019

2 Answers

There are a plethora of ways people have suggested to deal with anger in a healthy way. Use adult coloring books, beat up a pillow or punching bag, go somewhere nobody can hear you and scream in a cathartic way, write an email or text document on your computer and delete it. Something I do because I have a lot of plastic bottles waiting to be recycled is throw empty plastic bottles at my front door. You may not be able to do exactly that, but perhaps you can find some way to safely throw something when you're angry. What I consider to be most important when handling anger is getting away from whatever angers you. It saves you from (potentially unfairly) hurting somebody's feelings and/or getting even more angry. I hope this helps you.
Personally, I find it's better to take your anger out on something or in a metaphorical way. For example, find some paper and rip it to shreds or maybe if you like drawing draw yourself (or something idk) the way you feel. Sometimes I simply just take red and black crayons and scribble on a page till it's covered and then sorta just rip it apart. I find things like this to be good because you can take your anger out on something without hurting someone or causing harm to yourself. Another way is blowing up and popping balloons, which can eventually become fun, or try and say the word "bubbles" as angrily as possibly, which always cheers people up. Never bottle your anger up and let it get out of hand, because you could end up accidentally doing something you regret or end up making everything worse and making yourself ill. Hope this helps.