How do you know what sexuality you are?


I have kind of been jumping between sexualities for a year now (as in, I’m still questioning)
Is there any way to figure out for sure what sexuality you are?

Category: asked December 13, 2014

6 Answers

Hi there! Everyone defines their sexuality differently, and labelling yourself isn't necessary. Sexuality as a whole is a sliding scale. I know people who identify as queer or LGBTQ in general, and they have days they see themselves as more one gender than another, or attracted to one gender than another.

You don't have to identify or label yourself. If you really want to though, try one label and see how you feel about it a while later. Remember labels aren't final. If you find one you're comfortable with now, but a little down the line you change your mind, you're allowed to! All the best etc.
If you see something that turns you on, think of the "____osexual" that corresponds with it.
You don't even have to consider yourself any sexuality. If you want to, though, it's relatively simple. Gay, bisexual and straight. Well, I mean there's a whole lot of other sexualities out there too, but it's gonna be up to you to discover what you are. I'm not bisexual myself, but I'm not 100% gay either.
These no need to label yourself but if your list myself and feel a little lost without labels Im positive there is one that explains you. Maybe if we knew a little of what you are into it would help. There are many labels such as Homosexual, Heterosexual, Bisexual, Pansexual, Omnisexual, and many more. Don't rush yourself to find one. Take your time and Im sue you will figure it out.
I call myself a lesbian, but I always have my self doubts. I would almost feel guilt if I were attracted to a man because people now expect me to like only women. My point is, sexuality is a fluid thing that isn't permanent and a title is never necessary. Date whoever you want!
You shouldn't label yourself.