how do you feel now about this compared to in the past?


Ive changed my views on relationships so so much in the last year since i met this girl. i never thought id fall in love, or want to spend my life with someone. i never thought id care that much or be cared about that much. now, im just worried about since i broke up with her, finding it again.. i feel back to how i used to feel, that it just isnt something for me.. anyone else?:/

asked December 27, 2013

1 Answer

Your love for this girl shows that you've emotionally matured into a fully capable adult and that you're capable of more than the 'puppy love' phase. If anything, it should show promise that things are going to get better for you in future relationships. For example, with my last ex I felt like I would never find anyone who was as good to me as he was. I fell into depression for half a year from thinking this way. Fast forward a few years and I now stand corrected, because I've found someone who I could love for a lifetime. You'll be surprised at how much your heart is capable of loving. Treat this girl as your 'standard' of how love in a relationship should feel, because you deserve none other than the best.