how do i tell my parents that i want to live with my grandma?


TW: cutting mentions, “daddy issues” (for lack of a better word)

so to give a bit of backstory, i’m absolutely miserable where i live now. my dad is an alcoholic and makes me feel awful about myself but my mom is much better. i have no friends in the area and online school is absolutely stressing the SHIT out of me. i almost relapsed into cutting a few days ago after a minor meltdown i had. i live in florida right now and my grandma (my mom’s mom) is in north carolina. i’m 14 years old and i already feel so much older due to the stress of life here. i know i’d be happier in north carolina, where i was born, and i only want to go for at least 6 months. i just need to get away from it all but i don’t know how to tell them that i want this.

important notes:
i have severe social anxiety so it’d be very difficult to tell her face to face, so i don’t think i can do that.
i’d rather let my mom know first than my dad.
my online school is just for the county i’m in now, but i’m sure – if i’m allowed to go – that we could just get me out of that school and i’d gladly attend a high school there.

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