How do I stop feeling so alone?


All the time, I feel like I don’t have any friends I can talk to or anyone I can really connect with. You could say I’m fairly social in school, but it being summer vacation here, I can’t seem to shake off the feeling that I’m going to be lonely.

A part of this is because my parents are practically dictators who never let me out of the house unless it’s to go shopping or eating with them outside.

They used to a lot when I was younger, but I guess since they think I’ve been corrupted or something, they don’t anymore, because their paranoia is terrible. And I feel terrible because I’ve shot down so many of my friends because of this.

With that, I’ve felt so alone. I haven’t hung out with anyone other than my family since maybe around April. I love my family and I can say my relationship with them is going fairly well, but I just feel so alone, especially when I have darkest thoughts and I just feel like breaking down and crying all the time.

I absolutely loathe this feeling. I literally feel restless because I have not talked to anyone who relates to me on this level. How do I reduce the feeling of loneliness?

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3 Answers

I would have a sit-down discussion with your family. If you're about 15-16, I would ask them to be more lenient because you feel stuck in the house and you want to hang out with some friends. If it's just to hang out with a guy, then don't lie to your parents about it. Lying destroys trust, TRUST ME ON THIS. But if it's just to hang out with some girls and guys I would ask since I mean, it's summer now. Good luck and let me know how it goes!
Believe it or not your parents were your age once and had pretty much the same thought processes as you. don't be afraid to talk to them about whats bothering you. Too much secrecy can build an unnecessary barrier between you and your love ones.try to enjoy your summer,even this one will be a memory soon, farewell.
Just like any relationship, communication is key! Let your parents know how you feel! Wanting to spend time out of the house isn't the end of the world so they should be understanding. If you've given them a reason not to trust you before than that needs to be addressed. I know its hard to talk about mistakes you've made but it needs to be done. You have to show your parents you've grown and won't make the same mistakes again! Hope everything works out for you!