how do i grow 3 feet taller? (8cm)


so i am 18 years old male and im 175cm (5’9) and i really wanna be taller around either 5’11 or 6’0 but how do i do that?

i heard people say that i still have 3 more years to grow naturally but others say that at 18 is the age that i stop growing and others say 25 so who is right? im very confused

so will i grow naturally to 6’0 or do i need to something about it?

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5 Answers

I'm a 6'2" woman, can we trade heights please? But seriously, you can't do anything to change your height/growth, that's determined by DNA. And just for clarification on the numbers you've seen online; 18-19: Maximum height usually achieved & 25: Fully formed cranial structure(complete physical brain development). But that's not to say you will not grow past 18-19, I've had some of my male friends jump another 3" from ages 19-21. Sorry for Imperial measurements, I'm not really sure what the Metric equivalents would be.
5'9 is rather tall, if you'd ask me. Then again, I'm only 5'1 so of course in my eyes you're tall. Even if you wouldn't grow anymore, you shouldn't worry about it though. You're good just the way you are.
im pretty sure you cant do anything to affect your height. just wait and see. everyones different, you mightve already stopped growing or youll grow for years more
On average 18 is the age boys stop growing but their muscles continue to develop but as blueberry said u don't know u may have a little more time to continue to grow.
lol ed no thx dont need to be that tall! need to be either 5'11 or 6'0i hope i can achieve that