How do I forget my feelings for my crush ?


Hi everyone !

My problem is that I have a big crush on someone. We never actually met in real life, I’ve met him 2 years ago on a forum. Now we talk (but no voice chat, we just write) on skype everyday and I started to really like him about 5 months ago…
He has a girlfriend and they’re very cute together, I don’t want to ruin that… That’s why I’d like to forget my feelings about him, but it’s hard, I keep thinking of him… Any idea on how I could move on ?

Category: asked October 23, 2013

1 Answer

I think the best thing to do would be to do some things that take your mind off of the situation. If he's happy then you should be too. If you still want to remain friends that is your choice, however it may disrupt the healing process. Just remember time heals all wounds. It will get a little easier each time. Promise! :)