How do I come out to my boyfriend that I’m bisexual?


I’m a female in a relationship with a male, and have recently admitted to myself that I am in fact bisexual. I tried bringing it up before with little success, as he seemed to freak out and I dropped the topic. How do I bring it up again without making it awkward for either of us?

Category: asked November 27, 2014

5 Answers

I would say, not what the person above said lol. I'm also a bisexual female, and I believe it's best to be honest. It doesn't matter if it makes him uncomfortable, it's who you are. Why would that even matter anyways? I dint understand that. You could also send him a youtube video too maybe. It will explain it (like defeat the stereotypes) and maybe that would help! I'm sorry, I'm not exactly sure, but let me know of you need anything! :)
"Hon, what do you think of other guys fantasying about a threesome with 2 girls?" Play off of that.
How precisely did he "freak out"?
As a guy if I was in his sitituation I would rather if you just told me face to face sit me down and say it in a serious tone. If he accepts that's who you are congrats :) if not then he's not a man himself. you are who you choose to be and its not up to him to judge. I hope this helps and yea don't do what man of wisdom said lol not all guys are like that. Best of luck :)
You just have to be completely honest with your boyfriend. If he doesn't accept you for who you are & he freaks out whenever you try to explain it to him than I don't think that he is the right guy for you. You need to find a guy that loves you for who you truly are & supports your sexuality no matter what. A relationship can not go on forever if one does not accept the other's sexuality.