How can I convince my mother to shift courses in college?


My degree is all about math and something that I don’t really like. I was planning on shifting to an English major since I’m good at it but if my mother doesn’t approve of my decision. I will decide to stay on my current degree which is finance. But I really hate it in a way, my mother knows I don’t like math and I’m most likely to fail math related subjects. Even though I haven’t really shifted in my whole college life, and she told me before that she won’t allow me to shift because of the numerous times that I have been transferred to schools because I have a bad reputation when it comes to my grades that she forbids me from ever shifting but I don’t think I’m the finance kinda guy, and math and bank related topics isn’t really my forte, I am hopelessly lost and not passionate going to school everyday with frustration and hatred I feel. I more inclined to literature rather than numbers, I more gifted that way. So how can I really convince her because we don’t usually talk about these kinds of things.

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3 Answers

You don't really explain your circumstances. Is your mother paying everything or is she just controling? Can you do it on the sly and maybe explain it later? Maybe have an "offical" letter explaining that your are failing your math requirement but exams show you have a knack for English and may want to consider a switch in majors.
Follow your heart. You only go to college once!
Your Mother likely realizes that English majors are some of the most underpaid and underemployed college graduates. If you do decide to switch to an English major, be sure to go into a more specialized field. It will probably make your Mom happier, too.