herpes or shaving rash? WEIRD


so about a week ago i shaved my ,,, down there and a couple days later about 3 bumps appeared but all in different spots. today i noticed that one left and the other to are getting smaller/better. im sorry if this is a little personal but im to scared to ask my mother

Tags: asked November 3, 2014

1 Answer

I've never had genital herpes (let me just throw that out there!) but I've had the cold sore kind and sometimes the blisters form outside my lip. I can tell you herpes forms fluid filled blisters that itch like hell until they burst open, and then they crust over and heal. If your bumps aren't filled with fluid, they are most likely irritation from shaving, like ingrown hair. Those can be extremely painful and can also get infected, so if you squeeze it and puss comes out then it means it was infected. Best thing to do if you're not sure, is don't touch it! If it's herpes, you'll spread it everywhere!