Help: what do I do?


Ok, I0ve had enough of my situation, and I’m asking your help to find a solution, because I don’t know what to do anymore.

I’m having problems with my college, I want to move out from it, but I’m stuck and I have to take a few exams before leaving, also, I still don’t know what I should do after or where I should go.

I feel like something is missing in my life, because I’m losing my interests, I feel terrible after remembering how I was so happy talking to someone about what I liked most, and now that thing seems something disturbing to me.

I’m so stressed because even though I don’t want to, I HAVE to study, I need to find my path, I need to know what I want, and I need to rediscover my interests, and just these days I found out that I may have ADHD, yet I won’t say that I have it for sure, but this would be an explanation for all of my behavior I had until now.

I need answers, and I know that I will find them inside me, but what can I do to find them? I’m scared to talk to my parents about my frustration, and I don’t want to bother my best friend more than I just did, I don’t know what should I do…

asked December 16, 2014

4 Answers

Maybe you can try to talk to a counselor or to a doctor about this. They can be able to point you towards the right people to get tested, if needed. This way you'll get a concrete answer if you have ADHD or not. Right now all you have are assumptions, which make you wonder. If you don't know what to do about your school, where you want to go, think deeply and thoroughly about it. Your future is important. What would make you happy? You could compare a few things and see what feels best for you. Good luck.
It can be really hard to know what you want to do in life, and can take spme time. Maybe try take up some hobbies with a friend. And think of your personality. do you prefer to keep yourself occupied with one thing or do you like multi tadking and enjoy being active about work. Perhaps talk to a teacher at college who you feel could help, and dont worry about the exams because if the subjects your doing honestly dont interest you at all, then the exams dont matter. Think positive whatevr you do next will be fresh start for you. Just think of things people think your good at and anything which gets you excited to learn about to. I understand how hard it is im in a similar situation myself.
Are you sure you're not depressed? I've had similar problems and I'm now getting help after putting it off for the past 5+years. Even if you don't have a good relationship with a teacher there should be some sort of student support you can go to confidentially. They can point you in the right direction and help you figure out what exactly you want to do. Seriously it's the best thing I've done it's stopped me dropping out in the final year of a course I've wanted to do since I was 15. I know exactly how you feel just make sure you get help before it's too late.
Thanks for your answers, this calmed me down a little. I felt so out of control and out of place here in college, that I really went crazy over it. Unfortunately, I don't have such a relationship with a teacher here; I just started, and all I see is pitch black, and I hate this feeling. I'm trying to overcome it, at least until I'll finish my exams, and I hope that everything will go well (it would be troublesome to retake them). You asked me to think throughly about what I want, well, this was what I wanted, with all of my heart. I don't know if it's just me being scared, or the study I have that I'm losing interest, but going to this university was already from the start just a choice to do what I like without having in mind what I would have done after. And now I can't think clearly, it's really hard. Every choices I'm picking up these days it just doesn't fit with me, even though they would be interesting, and most of all, too much study isn't for me at all.