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I don’t know how I feel about my best friend. We go to school together and he’s one year older than me. We met 2 years ago and starting talking and have just become really really fantastic friends. I trust him with EVERYTHING. Always. We say “I love you” to each other multiple times a day and we care about each other immensely. The problem is I think I care about him too much? I think I love him more than he loves me…like he says he loves me so so much but I think that I wouldn’t mind like dating him, maybe. Also, we have been in a kinda friends with benefits thing but just messing around and pleasuring each other without sex. So I don’t know if there is even really a difference between us and other couples except that nobody knows about us. We go to movies together and cuddle and talk on the phone late at night. I just don’t know what to do!!! I would do anything for him in a heartbeat but I don’t know if that means I want to be more than friends…I definitely don’t want to screw things up. Please, I know it’s long but…


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I wouldn't let these feelings stay hidden. Tell him how you feel and see how that goes. To me it seems like he reciprocates the feelings you have towards him. With how close you guys are it isn't surprising you have developed feelings. He should understand that. So if the worst case scenario happened and he doesn't have the same feelings for you. I'm sure you can continue to be friends. The most important thing is to think of yourself first. Obviously it is difficult for you when you have this on your mind and you don't know how he feels. You need to lay your cards on the table and let the pieces fall into place. Although the outcome may not be what you want. You will be happier in the long run. I wish you the best and hope this helped! Feel free to message me if you would like to talk about it more. Anyways I hope this helped.Best wishes Hannah
Sounds like soul mates, if everything is dandy you never have to say "we're dating" or "I think i really really love you" because its implied and you two being together is as natural as it gets.
For your description it sounds like he really loves you. When you decided to be friends with benefits did he advice you to not fall in love or something similar? Because if you are best friends and you care so much about each other, he would avoid everything that could hurt you. If he suspected that you love him more than he does he would try to create no false hopes. Once you are so close maybe you could ask him if he is in love for someone or, if you do not have fear, if what he feels for you is just love between big friends or boyfriend-girlfriend. I can not say what is better for you but it seems that you should not wait a lot because if he wanted to date you, then you are worried in vain; in the other side, if he likes you as a friend, what does not look very probable,you stop creating false expectations and you both continue friends, I am sure.
The thing that confuses me is that about a year and a half ago, before we started saying I love you or doing other things with each other, I did tell him I like him and he was very very adamant about not liking me and not wanting to date. A lot has changed since then but it just makes me more unsure....does that change any opinions???