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What makes a human want to be remembered?

It seems to be something that others dream of. To remain in memory, kept as a reserved piece in the neurological network of what operates these machines. It has driven them to go beyond their boundaries, reach out and grasp that which it has been that they sought. But, what is the value in the remembrance?

And if I were to leave a trail of my remains, would they be picked up by others passing by? As if leaving an imprint were something to be sought after, I’ve not the understanding of this behavior. I’ve yet to discover its value, to be left as pieces across this existence. As though one were to be survived through this, is not an existence at all. Preservation, it is another of the mysterious values a human holds so dear. What is there?

“And I, as future kings, walk off the edge.
Hold me by my name. Hold me till the end.”

Tags: asked February 2, 2014

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First off, you have a great mind; you have great skill in writing, putting your words to thoughts. I guess a larger question here is materialism. I believe this need to be remembered comes from a lack of intimacy in personal relationships. To put it somewhat simply they haven't felt revered, admired, or praised for their accomplishments, nor have they given any of the above genuinely. In order to cope they may want, or feel the need, to live on through the rest of recorded history. Of course, all of this is just speculation. A great mental activity.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but did you just ask "What does it matter if we matter?"
@blackholehead not at all Jonathan. However if you feel that is what my question was asking, take one more step back and ask why does it matter at all?

@jewels I like your input, thank you for sharing your speculation. It is a possibility, we can say that much definitely. I wonder what other drives a human could possess to bring them to this behavior?
It seems to me humans want to be remembered because it is all they can truly leave behind of themselves... to be forgotten is to never have truly existed at all, isn't it? Our memories may be one of the most valuable thing we posses; without memory is there any quality to life? Is there life at all? I think people are driven past the boundaries of normality in hopes of sticking in the minds of those surrounding; that they may have meant something to the world and those still inhabiting it. To be remembered is to have existed; to have had life at some point in history. Humans desire life, they desire attention, they crave thought. I think you are brilliant and look forward to reading further speculation on this question. It may boil down to an even broader question of the meaning of life itself; a curious question indeed.
@sunshine30 it is this thought process that I am wondering about; why does someone have to be remembered to have existed? So many people have existed just fine in this world without having left an imprint that is defined as memorable to most humans. The thing is, many people come here and do a lot for the world, and do not wind up being remembered. Does this mean that their work had no value, or was unimportant? Of course not. However, that is merely my personal view.
If one's goal is to be remembered, and they achieve it, then what? So you are remembered by some people for doing something. What now? Why is that important? The following is merely a branch into speculation, however, does one truly need so much acknowledgement from exterior sources to validate the fact that they were here? What does this change?
Why does a person need validation of their existence?