Have you ever felt so unappreciated


Most of my life I’ve been under appreciated. My parents always treated my brother better than they ever treated me. I’m always pushed to the side and always forgotten about. They don’t even realize I’m still alive. Sometimes I’ve thought about suicide. Attempted 10 times and could never go through with it. I’ve cut multiple times and it’s ended me up in the hospital. I have friends but I don’t ever want to bother them. I always feel like a waste of space, just a burden or piece of furniture in everyone’s life that’s rotting away over the years. I’ve been bullied to the point of not wanting to go to school, I’ve skipped it I don’t know how many times. I’ve hidden in the nurses office complaining of feeling sick and I had the ability to make my blood pressure to go up randomly and make myself feel warm when I needed to be. I guess what I am asking is if anyone on here relates and understands what it’s like to feel like you are not wanted and just feel worthless and broken beyond compare.

Category: asked February 15, 2015

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I've felt that way and still do about my life. My brother gets treated better than I do and he's fed with a golden spoon while I get the spork. You just have to tell yourself, you are worth every breath and exhale you do and it's because you have a meaning to this world and you are a precious gem that has a purpose of being here. I was and still cut from time to time. Recently a week ago I cut since a few months. I've attempted suicide I can't tell you how many times and almost succeeded. I just recently wanted to kill myself, but I've gotten so much smacked into my brain of realizing I can't let stupid feelings and situations put that back into my mind. We are all destined to be great and wonderful. I know what it's like to feel unappreciated, been feeling like it all weekend from multiple people. Bullying was always my reason for not wanting to go to school and hiding out in bushes when the bus came so it made my parents feel like I went to school when in reality I just went to the library and checked out books like in the movie Matilda. You just gotta keep trucking on and always have the thought of you are worth something beautiful to this earth. Never forget it.
The comment above hit the nail on the head. I just want to add that everyone on this site is here for you and to use the chatting feature if you ever want to talk (or just message me). Even if we can't exactly relate to what you're goni through, we can emphasize and put ourselves in your shoes. furthermore, lots of people here have gone through rough patches themselves. Life can be really rough sometimes, but it does get better. I know that's such a cliche but the only reason it's one is becasue it's so true. Someday you're goint to look back on your old life and be so proud that you stuck with it. Stay strong and concentrate on what's keeping you together rather than what's tearing you apart <3