handling a gay friendly straight guy


i am gay and during a party, there was a straight guy who was like really nice and chatted with me asking me about my romantic life and like always siting next to me. even when i told him he was hot i said thank you and he was so polite and took it as a compliment.
i thought he was nice and cool. but there was three of my friends, they told me there was obviously a “tension” and that he was stairing at me most of the time !
so i added him on facebook but he was not that talkative.
i hate having a crush on straight guys but this one, it is so weird how eveything went
any advice ?

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3 Answers

I think that you should give him some time. Give yourself some time, too. Think everything over for a bit. Believe me, I understand how frustrating it is having crushes on straight people, but make sure to not get too hopeful, *just in case* everything doesn't turn out, as it's a major bummer to be rejected after diving into your feelings. Decide for yourself if you're alright with being friends in the end, IF it comes down to it. Good luck!!!!
It's entirely possible your friends just read the situation the wrong way; the "tension" they were getting was probably coming off of you. He could have just been very polite and engaging, or curious, or both.

Give it some more time and interaction before you jump the shark.
My friends told me that he is bi but like nobody really knows it. He already told ( not in an explicit way) that he has experiences.May be they read the tension on me but it was not like I was focusing on him probably I was escaping him lol knowing I might be attracted to him. One of the chicks is his fucking buddy and she said the same thing lolI should let time do the job, if he becomes a friend that is good, if he becomes more than e a friend that is cool too. Still he is interesting and so positive !