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Okay so I’ve been in a long distance relationship with my boyfriend for 11 months and things are good. But sometimes I feel like he’s embarrassed of being in a long distance relationship. In the beginning, he put that were in a relationship on Facebook but then he changed it so that only he could see it, so I told him to change it and then a month a later he deactivated his Facebook and when he got back on his relationship status was blank. So one day we were facetiming I told him to put it back and he said he’d put it back when i went to visit him, but I couldn’t because I was in school. So after that, I didn’t really make a big deal about it because I didn’t want to seem annoying even though it bothered me like crazy that he wouldn’t put that we were together, even though all his friend and family knew were together. Then months later, he changed it and put that were together and made it public. I was surprised because I didn’t say anything so obviously I was happy. Then a month later he told he was going to deactivate his Facebook because it was distracting so said okay, then a week later he was back and his relationship status was blank again and I know he changed it. I don’t know how to tell him that I want him to put it back without seeming annoying. Oh and we haven’t seen each other in those 11 months, just FaceTime.

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No offense, but a facebook relationship status doesn't matter as much as you think. But if it is bothering you, you can just ask him why he does that, but do not pester him to change it back. Find out the REASON behind it and try to fix that. Hope this helps.
A Damn facebook relationship status won't change what's existing between you two,I don't know why you are pressing too much importance to a facebook relationship status,instead you know he loves you that's what more important..See the practical part of life,Social networking is a virtual reality..
Would taking off your own relationship status on your profile every time he takes his down give him a taste of his own medicine? ;)
Besides that, somebody that goes on and off deactivating his facebook account must have a conflictual relationship with it, and it seems to be a touchy subject already even without discussing the relationship status. I would say go easy on him, he doesn't care much for his social capital/image, and thus even less about the status. After all, he's not putting "single" on it, everybody knows you are together, so maybe just peacefully waiting for him to come around again would get you your desired result without conflict.
People can cheat and flirt blatantly even with a "taken" relationship status, and not all people see it and stop flirting with the other person, so don't think it's some invulnerability shield that you need.
But thats the thing, he only deactivates it when he changes the status, because before he never did that and he hasn't since he's changed it. But I don't know, I guess I'll just wait till he finally decides to change it. Thank you both for your advice :)
Red FLAG!!I bet you would like to be a fly on his wall. If he was 100% truthful to you, the relationship status on his FB would be there. If he truly cared about how you felt, it would be on 'in a relationship' status because your feelings matter to him. So, now you find yourself "questioning" this because you wouldn't do this to him, right? Your intuition is correct! He feels uncertain about this long distant relationship so he keeps switching his FB status from taken to single.This leads me to believe that he's also talking to other girls, and he's interested in one in particular (this is why he takes down the 'taken' status). So that this girl/s feels comfortable talking to him making her think he's not attached to anyone.From my experience with long distant relationships? Let it go. It's not fair that you give your all, and people take it for granted.
No, he doesn't switch it to single, he just has it blank. I have mine blank too.
To me, also being in a long distance relationship, facebook relationship statuses dont really matter much. But what we do is we set our display picture of each other (he has mine i have his) And for the record, YES THEY DO WORK!. Ive been in a relationship with him for 4 years now. No break ups inbetween. and yes, surprisingly even if you think about it, they last longer than normal relationships do. Some couples see each other everyday but how long do they last? Not many of them last that long either. but you two have to set your goals clear and how youre gonna get through this together. Sorry for my long explanation which was unnecessary but i thought i could bring you hope. LDR is not for everyone, only strong ones survive. If you two manage to, then you know you got yourself a keeper there :)Feel free to message me if you need any advices relating to LDR, id be sure to help :)