Extreme Nostalgia?


Okay so I am very known as a nostalgic person, and it’s true,
I’m obsessed with making memories and looking back on memories, I’m obsessed with songs I used to listen to, old pictures, everything!
I’m known for taking up my phone/camera and recording everything if I’m hanging out with people on events for example.
And right now I’m having problems with nostalgia, very baaddd :/
2012 was my best year ever, everything was so perfect and in order,
I had a lot of good friends, our family was rich and planning on how to build our half finished house and everyone was super happy,
But then 2013 came around and I lost my stepdad to cancer, then all my friends left because of extreme changes in my attitude that I couldn’t help, yada yada.
So now I’m sitting here still kinda alone missing my ex best friend, I’m literally listening to a 2012 song as I write this :(
Is there any way to try to accept the present and let go of the past?
Sometimes I go crazy and even cry because I want those times back soooo bad!!!
I want my ex best friend so bad but he hates me which is understandable, but it’s so hard to accept :( (
And it’s like everyone just grew up, nobody is the same!
I miss when everyone, including me, were super naive and immature :(
Now everyone is so serious, so bitchy, so mean, ugh.
Advice needed, message me maybe? :)

Category: asked March 2, 2015

4 Answers

Oh man, looking back on the good times can be powerful. I try to just look back and smile and be happy that it happened. That allows me to focus on making my life worth living TODAY and lets me focus on a better TOMORROW.We all think about the past, but we gotta try to let go of it at some point. Maybe my life was better then than it is now, but we need to channel that into motivation for things we can do today.
Well, human relationships have never been fair! Just look forward to your future you have lots to come. However, maybe try contacting your ex-friend and get together. If he responded positively then great, if he didn't then you did your best and you are better off without him now. People really change, we all change. Our personalities, priorities and interests change and in the process of changing we lose lots of people. Try to learn from your past experiences though. Good luck :)
I lost my husband/best friend in August 2013... and I struggled/struggle with some of the same issues... I obsessed over old songs, writing, music, pictures, traditions, etc. I can say this... I do desperately long for those times back, i miss them terribly, but I also know if i don't begin living in the NOW, loving the NOW, I will spend the rest of my life longing for something I can never get back. Make new memories, love new songs, do new things. Time heals. Truly it does. "Because one day you might wake up and realize, you lost the moon while counting the stars."
Its normal of you to feel sad about losing your best friend. But if you know why this happened, then give yourself some time... you'll get to accept it. and btw, look at the bright side... there are so many good people out there to meet, dont let your past restrict you from looking to the future :)