Eating problems.


I’ve always had problems with food, since about the age of thirteen. I’ve never felt ok about my weight even if people reassure me by saying that 58kg is my “normal weight”, that i “should not be skinnier” or they keep telling me that i have lost weight. The only times i feel happy are when i see the weight drop, when i see i weigh less on the scales. But the only way I manage to do that is by not eating or surviving on cereal bars and coke. I don’t know what to do and all i want is to be skinny. Always skinnier. And i’m afraid it will never stop. What can i do?

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3 Answers

Get professional help before you get in too deep. I've had an eating disorder for 5 years and the sooner you get help the better. Because seeing the weight drop is nice but seeing your hair fall out and all the other nasty stuff you get isn't.
Please speak to someone before it escalates into a bigger problem, like the person above me said, the other stuff that comes with an eating disorder isn't nice, so the faster you speak to someone and start getting it dealt with, the better for you :)Lots of love xx
Im not a profesional, but i went trought something like that two years ago, only that i was like 90kg.. your weight is great! 58kg! thats awesome! may be its not that you want to be skinny, may be you want to feel good with your body. What I can give you is a tip: go to the gym:D it is a great way to fight stress, and make you forget what troubles you, start eating healthy, you are already skinny now its time to get fit, it will make you feel better:) as a guy i like fit girls more that just skinny girls, and i dont mean female bodybuilders, i mean strong independent women who can wake up every day and say: today im going to work out and have a great time! when you feel like giving up remember this: when you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe then you'll be successful. there is my tip:) I hope you realise you are already awesome:) if you feel like talking hit me, ill keep you motivated to stay at the gym:)