I had a dream that a robber broke into my house holding a knife and stabbed me. I know why the dream came up (Infact it is reoccuring so I’m familiar with it) I know what it means, but I just want an opinion from someone else.

In my dream I got out of bed ( it was one of those dreams where you don’t remember falling asleep) and walked into my living room. I looked out of the open window and saw a hunched man holding a knife ( looked kinda like hagrid) My first reaction was to lock the door and close the window. After that, he tried to pick the lick and failed. For soñé reason I went the my computer ( which was in my closet fir some reason) and started googling ” how to get rid of a robber” xD at this point, the hagrid looking knife weilding man broke into my house, Iturned around and he ran the knife into my stomach. I felt the pain and can still remember it. I woke up as I was bleeding out on the floor.

What do you think of this dream?

(It comes from my fear of knifes and my paranoia of having my house broken into even thoigh I live in a neighborhood of old people.. I know this because the day before I had the dream my mom threatened to throw a knife at ne ( jokingly) and I screamed, huddling into a ball. I also interpreted what the dream means.)

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You know if you're paranoid of something then you'll have recurring dreams about them. Fears stick to you even subconsciously in the back of your mind. One way to stop the dreams is to overcome your fear ( way easier said than done ). Dont worry though, you're not alone. I have a phobia and get recurring dreams about it too. When I wake up in the middle of the night in a panic, I turn the tv on to take my mind off it and fall asleep again.