Does this happen to anyone else?


So often times, if I’ve worked out for a while or if I’ve been laying down, or even if I haven’t eaten, then when I stand or sit up, my head starts to hurt, my vision clouds over and all I see is static like on a television screen, and if it’s really bad, I start having seizures. I went to the doctor and they said I shouldn’t worry, fainting like that is common and often dies down as you get older, but I’m already a teenager getting ready to graduate and I didn’t start having seizures until freshman year of high school. Does anyone else know what this is and what to do about it?

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2 Answers

sounds like it could be low blood sugar. ask your doctor for a blood test. i mean, he/she should have ordered one when you told them your symptoms, sounds appalling that they would dismiss symptoms like that!
You. Second opinion, ASA-fucking-P. Any doctor that dismisses seizures as a symptom needs to be reported. Go to another hospital and find a better doctor.