Does not talking to your ex for awhile make them miss you?


Me and my ex bf haven’t talked in a month because of me, because I never replied back to his text. Sometimes I wonder if he misses me b/c I miss/think of him all the time even though I was the one to cut him off. We madeout and got touchy. After, I didn’t feel like his intentions with me were genuine thats why I just stopped talking to him. I could’ve been wrong but I personally feel like he was giving me mixed signals. Who knows. Do you THINK he misses me?

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1 Answer

This guy seems a little sketchy to me. If its been a month and he hasn't made a move that indicates he's missing you, there's a solid possibility that he won't be making a move. This either means he's too lazy to talk to you, or he's too weak to see what he lost. If you honestly think its worth it, i would try to get him to talk to you, in person, about what you two mean at this point. But from my outsider perspective, it seems that he's not the brightest bulb on the tree if he can't see what he lost in you. Move on, find a guy that appreciates you. I promise, there are better ones out there :)