Does Norinyl prevent periods?


I’m just wondering if my birth control pills,Norinyl, are supposed to prevent me from having a period.

I’m on my second week taking the pills, and I’m supposed to have my period soon. I have had sex while on the pills , but we used condoms as a back up, because I had started on Norinyl the day we had sex.

Does Norinyl prevent periods, and how effective is it?

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2 Answers

It might make your period lighter or go away in general depending on how heavy your period is when your not on the pill. You can probably google Norinyl and see if it has done anything to affect other girls periods
It may or may not - and there's no way to know until after being on the pill for 3 months what the general side effects you're going to experience. If in two weeks you do not have a menses you should look into taking a pregnancy as your birth control pill was not continuous enough to prevent against pregnancy. But, until that time it is nearly impossible to tell if you will or will not have one.