Do I imagine my disaeses?


I was depressed, for a while, then I was happy for a week, then I got a ED and eat really rarely, and a some weeks ago I ate like other girls, I’m trying to eat 2-3 meals at a day and often is it not it any problem, I’ve always been insecure around people and my friend think i’ve got social phobia.
But I’ve never made any tests with doctors and therapists, my biggest fear is to talk with people i don’t know.

Do I’ve even got any diseases?
Or do I just imagine everything?

Category: asked July 27, 2013

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Well you wouldnt know for sure if you havnt spoke to the Doctor, but if thats seems like an bad idea then you could try search for the symptoms. People is able to think they got an disease, but really don't. by the ED you could be feeling bad and your stomach wouldn't feel right to eat as much as normal. Your social phobia can be an really strong shyness or fear to be humiliated too. but that one is tricky too.But my best tip to give you is really to visit the doctor since they can tell if you are imagine it or not.I hope this will help you in your confusen
No, you're not imagining it. It's normal to question ourselves- am I really sick? Is this really a problem? Because we feel guilty, and like it's not as bad as it could be, and we're still half-way functional- but we're not, really. Even if you've just got a touch of an eating disorder, you have an eating disorder, and should seek to address it. Because it will be easier to deal with while you're still in the uneasy, treading water stage than when you're drowning.

Don't focus on diagnoses. Focus on getting yourself stable, on feeling better. Don't question the bad feelings, figure out where they are coming from, and what to do. Sure, they're not always there, so it's not always bad, but if you compare it to how you'd react if you didn't have any problems, you'll realize that they are solid enough to worry you, at least.

If seeking out a therapist might help you feel validated, then go for it. But no matter what anyone says or labels you, you deserve happiness, and you should seek it through addressing what is holding you back.
Yes you have sociophobia, and yes everything happens in your brain,. saying you're sick is something doctors get paid for it's only natural they will call you sick and if you're not they're make you sick.. to make money..everything that happens to you is about your thoughts and about your perception of things.. my greatest suggestion that you take this opportunity to read some psychology books.. or seriously..ready Feng Shui for dummies :) it helped me a lot!!
You're not imagining how you feel. It's actually very, very common for people to question anything they feel that they think is 'wrong,' and I think that comes partly out of denial/a part of us that wants to pretend it's not there, and partly out of a low-self esteem thing that makes us worry that we'll waste people's time or they won't like us anymore. That being said, self-diagnosing can be dangerous, because if you see a doctor and aren't diagnosed with anything officially, that can feel triggering- sometimes our 'disordered minds' will tell us that we are not sick enough. Please, please don't listen to that voice. A diagnosis does not indicate how serious your problems should be taken. I think, at the very least, you have anxiety and depression, and the two are working together to trap you in self-destructive behaviors (like disordered eating). But that is only my unprofessional, untrained opinion.I really recommend that you go see a doctor. I know that it can be very scary (believe me, I've lied my way out of enough therapists' offices to understand that fear), but last summer I stepped up and committed to getting help, and I haven't regretted it for a moment. You deserve better than this. You really do.Hang in there.