Do i go to sixth form or college?


Results day is coming soon, and i need to decide whether to stay at my grammar school, and join the sixth form to take A levels, or to join college.
My dilemmas are;
-Grammar Schools are a lot of pressure, and very strict, I’m not sure whether another 2 years there would be the best thing for me. However, I am in familar surroundings, my friends are all going to stay there, and the teaching is excellent.
-College would provide a lot more freedom, and would be much less pressure and stress than what Grammar would be. However, I am worried the teaching may not push me to my full potential, and because I am used to being in a school environment, there may be a little too much freedom, if that makes sense.
It’s a tough decision and I’m looking for just any advice I can get to help me make my mind up.

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4 Answers

I'm currently in year nine at a grammar school and I am definitely going to do sixth form, even though I don't have to decide yet. Of course, it is entirely your decision, but I would go on if I were you as the college near me doesn't seem to teach as well as a grammar school. Hope this helps! Message me if you want.
I personally stayed at my sixth form with the majority of my friends. I'm now in my final year of university and doing well. However, some of my friends who went to college and were of similar intelligence to me, have not done so well for themselves -not got into uni or got the jobs they wanted. I understand your grammar school may be strict but I do think staying there would be best for your future. Like you say about college being too much freedom, it think you would be right. Just my opinion and experience :)
It all depends on how you are in school. I would say if you prefer more support from your teachers, you should go to sixth form. It'd be beneficial for you. If you're more about freedom, and don't need much support, choose college. I'm 17, and last year i tried to go too college and i felt very uncomfortable and out of place. So i took one year out, and now i am going to sixth form. It all depends on the person, and how they prefer to be taught. Tutors are helpful, but not as much as teachers.
Much as we can all give you advice, the most important thing is that you do what YOU want. It depends whether you want more freedom or not, or whether you'd rather be pushed academically. Also, definitely look into the different teaching methods and decide which one is better for you. Personally, I really wanted to leave and go to college, but ended up staying at school for 6th form. I thought it might be a good decision because, as others have mentioned, school is more likely to push you academically - which I liked. I ended up hating my 6th form though, I was with my friends but I didn't like the environment, was unhappy and my teachers weren't particularly supportive either. So it's different for each person and it depends on the environment of the college/school as well. I do agree though that having stayed at school, I have been incredibly well set up for university next year, whereas some of my friends at college have missed out on places they wanted to go.