Do guys only want one thing?!


Do all boys only want one thing from a girl. My dad told me that.. Is that true. And that one thing is .. sex. I’m 15 and I hope that isn’t true cause if so then guys are sick pervs. -.- And that’s very disappointing..

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Your dad is being a total dad- reluctant to let his daughter out into a world she's bound to lose her virginity in sooner or later. Not all guys are like that, though. During teenage years, hormones are going crazy, so it may seem like sex is the one thing everyone is concerned with, but it's really not :) Most guys, of course, want sex, but that's far from the only thing they care about! In all my relationships, I've always been the friskier one. Girls want sex, too; sometimes it's the other way around, with the guy worrying about girls and what THEY want!
guys have feelings aswell :) there are guys out there that look for a serious relationship, your dad is just protective thats why he said that :)
im a 19 year old in college so ill tell you what i know. There are alot of guys out there that only want sex from a girl. That is a fact. They go out with the mindset of getting laid tonight. This is not true for all guys. Alot of guys are also sensitive and want the same thing you want. Of course these guys are still wanna have sex, but they are willing to get feelings for you before "trying to get it in". It shouldnt be too hard to figure out which guys are which.
Most dads say that. Not all guys are like that.
This is a lie. Many boys including myself do not want sex. We want a girl that we can connect with on a deep emotional level. That we can relate with and enjoy every moment we spend with them.
Unfortunately, a lot of guys do seem to me like they only look for sex in a relationship. I suppose it's just the fact that we're wired up to think that it's more important than love, because we are the ones to 'create' the next generation. However, for every ten perverted men, there'll be one dazzling little romantic. You might have to scramble around a bit, but you'll find him. Trust me.
Truth be said girls actually think about sex far more often than men.But why do you think wanting sex makes them perverts? You are the result of that very same sex act. Does that mean your dad is a pervert too?
Guys are people too! Of course they want sex, but some want relationships and some want something more casual, just like some women. It's the person and the personality, not the gender! What's important is knowing a guy's intentions before committing yourself to anything, and knowing your own intentions before going for something with a guy. Of course there will be the bullshitters, men who lie in order to get sex, but in my experience they are in the minority. Your dad is being understandably protective of you because he remembers what it was like to be that teenage boy. ;)
May I point out here that simply because you don't like my answer or you are offended by it doesn't mean you are right and I am wrong. I have studied both human psychology and biology, have read plenty of research into human sexuality. I am talking with facts. If you didn't like the second half of my answer it's called "reductio ad absurdum". Look it up and next time try and grade a reply according to its validity, not perceived harshens.
Haha no that's not true! But it is a good decider between the good an bad boys. If they push it on you than they deffinatly are not good enough for you!
Yes, all guys only wants sex, and you shall never find true love. You will never find what you are looking for, and will eventually die alone.