Degree stress!


As of January 2015 i will officially be half way through my 3 year degree. Although i feel soooooo stressed with all of my essays and so paranoid that I’m going to fail and not do very well.

I have no reason to feel like Im going to fail and havent really seen any major issues with my work but the stressed feeling just wont seem to go.

Has any one else doing higher education had any experiences of this, or am i just starting to go mad!? Or any advice on how get over my worries?!

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Aww I'm am so sorry you feel this way dear. I remember when I was working on my masters for nursing. My goal was to get to the level of education needed to be a nurse practitioner. I learned many things from going through college and how to take care of somebody having a myocardial infarction or other medical crisis isn't the only thing. One thing i learned is to take one step at a time and maintain a positive outlook on everything your doing. Don't focus on the negative because if you do then you will never see the positive. The journey doesn't end after going to college. There is always something to experience or a puzzle to solve. I remember 3 years ago a patient I was working with who came in with 3rd and 4th degree burns, because of an electrical fire. The guy was in so much pain he actually begged me to put him out with tears in his eyes. While all I could do was give him morphine. It was so sad, I actually walked out the room and had to bawl my eyes out in the bathroom. A year later I got a phone call from him at work just so he could say thank you, and how hes doing. Things will be tough, but remember afterwords imagine the relief you will feel. When you can say look at me I DID IT! FIGHT ON!!
I agree 100% with what Dorky Darling has said. Try to de-stress. I'm in my final year of post-grad, have excellent grades, and stress that something could go wrong. You're not going crazy. This is all part of being a student. I think that everyone would be more worried if you WEREN'T stressed! Campuses, like Darling has said all have some exam-time stress relievers, as do individual clubs on campus. Check some things out and remember to take a breather!
All the best etc.