Could it be just migraines?


So I’ve asked this before but then I was freaking out so now I’m going to try to explain this clearly. Here are a few starter facts before I talk about the real, scary problem.

- I have migraines, and it runs in my family.
- I’ve been having a messed up diet last week, and a lack of appetite for normal food so I would just eat sweets to satisfy my hunger.
- I’m NOT pregnant or on my period. I’m even a virgin..
- I have NOT started taking any new medications.
- I’m hydrated.
- I do NOT do drugs or drink or anything like that.
- Before this I had a really bad headache on the left upper area of my head, but since there was no snow until Friday i was fine.

So those were the facts, now lets get to it…
Ok so it started on Friday night, I was just watching a TV show on my laptop when my vision suddenly started to get weird, and sorta white and a little bit like a TV thing, but it sorta went away and came back, like hiccuping, but then it stayed. Then I suddenly felt dizzy and nausea and I felt really lightheaded, and I freaked out, and it resulted in a panic attack..It lasted for maybe 2-3 hours and then I went to bed.
The same thing happened on Saturday, and yesterday, I even had 2 times yesterday where I saw a little weird and felt a little nauseous but it’s much worse in the evenings! Dosen’t make sense at all..I’m feeling this right now as well. This morning I had a really bad headache I couldn’t even study at school and I felt weak and sometimes just a little nauseous, but I took a painkiller and it went away and I was fine until now, where I have this dizziness again, and weird vision, I kinda want to close my eyes. I have tried putting on sunglasses and it kinda helps keep the nausea and dizziness down I guess.
Could this be happening because of the sudden snow or something? It’s really bright outside at daytime because there is a lot of snow and this started when it snowed really much..I don’t know..
I’m so scared, what if it’s a brain tumor?
I asked the nurse today and she said that it’s just migraines or the effect of my bad diet, but I’m still concerned because it always begins in the evening..
What can I do to relieve this?
I did a little research and I found that it could be something in the ear that some ball lands in the “dizziness” area and it sorta makes sense because if I look up for a while and then put my head back I feel nauseous and dizzy, and there IS a method to it but I’m too scared to try it and my mom and the nurse said that first I should start on fixing the diet and spending time in dark areas.

What do you think it could be though? Is there any way to get rid of this or relieve it? Have you experienced it? If so then for how long? What was it? IS IT JUST MIGRAINES?

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6 Answers

I assume since you have a history of migraines that you have a prescription for some type of migraine medication? Do the symptoms disappear when you take your medication? Either way...why don't you just go to the doctor? No one on here can tell you if you have a brain tumor or something else going on, so better to be safe than sorry.
The symptoms sound like a migraine but not 'just' a migraine, migraines can be horribly painful and cause nausea up to and including vomiting. I've landed in the ER a couple of times because of them. If you're just starting care, your doctor will most likely do a CT or MRI to rule out anything else and probably start you on a preventative medication if they're happening too often. But, what you're describing is not anything outside of the normal range of things.
What do you mean Eli? What I'm describing isn't abnormal or dangerous right??
No one here is really going to be able to help you figure out the origins of your headache. If you haven't seen a doctor, then I suggest you do so. You could be missing something that could sneak up on you one day and become a real problem. I specialist is going to help you more then a PA or NP. Look into a MRI or CAT scan. Sometimes you have to be your biggest advocate. If what your doing isn't helping the headaches, insist on more follows, a referral or a second opinion.
I have had migraines for about 10 years, and the thing you described about your vision sounds to me like "aura" that comes with migraines sometimes. The sense of nausea and dizziness is not uncommon for me when I have mine...But I definitely recommend going to a doctor and have them run some tests. It's the only way to make sure its nothing serious, and it will also help with giving you the right medicine for this.So please get checked out, just to make sure. Good luck.
I, like everyone else, was trying to imply that what you're describing doesn't sound abnormal. But, I am not a doctor and you should see one for an MRI.