Coming out athiest and Wierd twitches


First, I am 13 and athiest, but my entire family is REALLY christian. How do I tell them?
Also, I had a traumatizing past full of bullying, I think I may have repressed memories because I cannot remember what happened on certain periods of time, and I get really depressed on certain time of the year. Lastly, Whenever I think of something horrible I DO remember, I get wierd neck spasms and eye twitches. What is this?

asked February 15, 2015

3 Answers

If they're really, really religious, I would wait to tell them until you move out. I don't know how your family would react though, but if you think there's any possibility of you being in danger/getting kicked out, definitely wait. Your safety should be your first priority. It's the opposite for me because my parents are hardcore atheists and I'm not religious but I'm spiritual, and if I told them they would disown me(again).
I get those twitches, too. haha. They're muscle spasms caused by stress. Nothing to worry about, but if you are feeling anxious a lot of the time it may be a good idea to talk with your parents about it, or I can help you learn some relaxation exercises. Feel free to message me if you want to talk about anything, hope you feel less stressed soon, bud.
im a christian and my little sister is athiest....we dont judge her at all it will be ok....i would tell them it might relief some of the should message me if you have any questions concerning God i would love to help you!
If you think it's dangerous to tell them, then it's always best to wait. I converted from Christianity to a pagan religion, and I haven't told my parents. I know my parents would be 100% accepting of me, but I'm not comfortable/ready yet. ONLY tell them when you are comfortable and know that you'll be safe. One of my friends was an atheist and a homosexual, and her parents beat her, then kicked her out to go live with a relative. So, PLEASE be sure that it is the right decision to tell them...especially if they are very religious and involved in Christianity.About the twitches, that happens to me when I'm stressed/anxious. They may just be muscle spasms.