Cat Health Problems?


I think my cat is having health problems. She’s walking with a limp and doesn’t like her paws to be touched. She doesn’t like walking around and only lays down. She’s super scared and she keeps jumping at every little noise. And her ears are super alert. And her tail is completely down. If you touch her tail, she meows and she’s not purring. This only started happening today. She’s a pretty fat cat. And she’s kinda old.

Category: Tags: asked October 2, 2015

1 Answer

Perhaps the weight is getting to be too much on her paws, or maybe she jumped from somewhere and hurt them, thus resulting in a limp. If she's scared, and this only just started, I must ask if anything has happened recently? Like loud noises inside or outside. Something that would scare her, and has now left her on the edge. For now, my best advice is to keep an eye on her for a few days. If she doesn't improve, or she gets worse, consider taking her to see a veterinarian to get checked out.