can you really love someone without loving yourself?


people always say you cant really love somebody until you love yourself? do you think that’s true? it just makes me think because I have some insecurities but I also want a romantic relationship. should I work on myself first or can I do both??

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I understand what you mean. I asked this same question before i began dating my boyfriend. He didn't love himself and neither did i much. We both came from unloving families so that didn't help at all but everyday we're learning to love each other stronger and stronger. So yes. It's difficult but it's possible. Love has many ways of providing miracles in a way. You will grow to love yourself and get past your insecurities. If you ever feel like talking, message me :) good luck!
I honestly do believe you can love someone without loving yourself. It is just very hard for the other person to see you think that way. Maybe try and work on yourself. But if you think it is ok, then go for it! Good luck!
i think that you should really learn to love yourself, before you can feel loved by somebody else (: and if that person really cares for you, your insecurities gone
Yes, they keep saying that thing. Humans are naturally insecure. This feeling of being imperfect will never disappear, and people who believe fully that they're perfect have something wrong about them. As a person, I think that you should love yourself. As a partner, though, I think that you should not try to change for him. If he's worth it, he will love you for who you are. With all the insecurities and imperfections. If he doesn't, look for someone more down-to-earth.
thank you guys for replying I really appreciate it :D!! will try do work on both as I go. <3