Can I just cut my boobs off?


I’m genderqueer, possibly even transgender, I really don’t know at this point. I’m biologically a female, but I absolutely one hundred percent do not want my boobs. I want to have a flat, muscular, manly chest. I have B cups though so I don’t qualify to for that thing where your insurance pays for your breast reduction because your breasts are literally too big for you to handle. I’m also underage and I haven’t talked to my parents, but I’m pretty sure they’d say no, plus it’d be a lot of money for them…Anyways, at this point I just want to take a knife to my boobs and cut them off. What should I do?

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Though I did a research project last year on surgical genderqueer options and breast removal was an option, it might be best to bind while you're a minor. It sounds like your parents aren't super crazy over the idea of surgery and you might be a little too young to do such serious operation. There are some great binding references on the internet from supportive genderqueer identifiers that are safe. NEVER do a type of binding that is too tight, makes you dizzy or have difficulty breathing, hurts your back, or causes major discomfort. Cosplayers also know their stuff about binding! Here's a passage I found on good materials for binding: "1) ACE bandages (I strongly recommend 6" wide actual ACE brand; store brands are not as solid - this is my original method.) 2) Tight sport bras 3) Compression shirt: (works quite nicely, but will show under anything skimpier than a muscle shirt - I used acid dyes to make mine skin-colored) 4) Combination of the above 5) "Waist-trimmer" girdle thing pulled up over the chest - I wear mine backwards to eliminate the vertical center line 6) Lumbar support belt / back brace (for women with larger chests) 7) Tied / pinned cloth wrap or narrow obi 8) Tape (preferably something designed for skin!)" Try dabbling in chest exercises as well, such as weightlifting, pull ups, and pushups. They strengthen your chest muscles, making your breasts look smaller. It is commonly known that wearing black also makes your breasts look smaller because it makes you look slimmer. While most people know this fact to avoid it, it seems like it would be convenient for you. I know you're frustrated, but give it time. Things will work out for you. Best of luck!
Binding should definitely help until you either have the funds or a new law is passed to allow this type of surgery to be covered by insurance. I do have one tip though: I used to follow a F to M transgender on youtube who did eventually have his breasts removed. He said that his surgeon said he'd been binding too tight for too long, though, and the tissue was nearly too damaged to work with. I don't know how often that can happen or what truth there was in it, but be sure to do your research.
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Exercise! Exercise will absolutely shrink your bust. Lots of cardio and upper-body activity will minimize your breast size naturally and help keep your form more androgynous while you age into being capable of legally deciding for yourself.
Do what Jonathan said, not only is it safer, it is less painfull, and less risky, as you can kill yourself by cutting something off your body.