boyfriends family


me (21 college student) him (25, has degree)
we have been dating for about 7 months now and i still have not met his family. he has met mine and we both have the same friends. i feel like im being kept a secret from his family. he hangs up our phones calls and never texts with he around them. im scared that hes keeping me away for a good reason or if they find out then we cant be together anymore. family both means a lot to us and i want to world to know that we are together but for now im just confused.

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It could be a whole range of reasons and there's no way of knowing.. Tell him that the way he's acting is making things seem like he has a good reason to keep you a secret, and see how he responds. Don't let him dismiss the topic, make sure he knows that this is important to you and that closing the subject prematurely is going to naturally make you think about worst case scenarios such as they won't accept you.
I definitely agree with ASOT. Relationships need mutual trust to work. Explain to him how this is upsetting you, it could be a misunderstanding. If he is also unwilling to talk about it try not to jump to too many conclusions, tell him what you think and hope that he is honest with you. By jumping to conclusions you could just be causing yourself unnecessary stress.
I felt like this at the beginning of my relationship, so I understand. You are both adults and need to understand his parents really probably have very little control over who he dates. I would confront him about it. Ask him why he doesn't want to tell his family, especially with holidays coming up.
You know best that there is something going on. The question is: are you kept in secret before his family... or maybe he is embarrased of them?
Maybe his family is the problem and not you (I would rather not have people meet my family, to be honest, so maybe he's in the same boat). Have you confronted him about this though? I think being direct and upfront is the best way to deal with this instead of worrying. Or ask him questions about his family at the very least and find out if they get on well.