Please help me..suicidal..Boyfriend treated badly..need closure


so as i had asked before my boyfriend of 2 months was ignoring me for last 3 weeks and came up with lame excuses. so he had gone home and after he returned he was like have u been fighting with my ex.. and i ws lik no.. cos i wasnt.. apparently she told him so wen he had gone home.. and d moral was that he was busy texting her wen he was away but didnt text me even once. anyways after that i asked him about our relationship and he was like he doesnt know.. he doesnt know if his parents wud b cool with me since im older and all.. so i asked him straight up if he was breaking up.. so he was like i dunno.. he practically used to run away from me and no matter how many times i requested to meet up he said i was busy. so like a couple of days bk i cornered him and told him all i felt.. he just heard me out.. and left and didnt say anything.. so d nxt day i txted him agn abt meeting once to sort it out and he said no.. i ws like dude im depressed we havent spent alone time in d last 3 weeks and he ws like stop texting. i was like r u breaking up and if u r tell me on my face and meet me one last time.. so he is like dont wait for me.. i begged that i loved him and not to leave me.. and he didnt reply. I was very hurt plus i hv work pressures too.. i feel if he wanted to breakup he cud hv met me nd told me since i begged him. he acts all happy and cheerful and it breaks me that he didnt even give me the courtesy to meet me once. i hv low self esteem issues and i felt like killing myself that i was treated like a common whore.. though he pursued me and i didnt pursue him.. i dont want him back but i just wanted some respect. I get palpitations every day and feel i cant go to work where i will meet him and he will be guiltless and im breaking insiside. Last 3 weeks i hv had bouts of crying suddenly, ideas of self-harm. I dunno if i will get out of this or if there will be any justice

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Your "boyfriend" sounds like a real asshole tbh, and nobody deserves to be ignored and treated the way he treated you. You deserve him meeting you face to face to tell you just what the hell is going on, even if it may hurt you. I know it's hard but something you can do is just pretend he isn't there, fake your happiness if you need to. If you do it long enough, sometimes it works... it doesn't work 100% of the time but it can help. Stay strong bb.
i just feel that wat am i doing wrong that im not given even minimum respect. it really hurts me that till last month he was following me around like a puppy and this month he just backed off without explanations. i asked him if he knew it wudnt workout y did he pursue me in d first place so he is like it was spur of d moment.. so i was like y did u lie that u love me.. and he didnt say very scared that i wont be able to live thru this.. and i dunno hw to keep myself from self harm
thanks @Celestial and @Mumma'skiddo.. u guys' replies and concern help me realise i am not alone.. i dunno how to face him.. if any of u guys wud b free to talk on like regular basis on how im progressing i wud be very very grateful.. thanks everyone.. hope i can get over this..