BF of 5 months, informed me he thinks he isn’t ready to commit.


I have been dating my boyfriend for a total of 5 months. He is the best person I have ever had in my life. We are perfect together. As of 2 nights ago we got in a little argument about things and it lead to a fight. He told me he doesn’t think he is ready to commit. He says he misses being able to flirt with other people and ‘Trade Pics’ on the internet. I am not willing to let go of him. I need some opinions of what to do on this. I am worried that he will just go along with what he is thinking about doing. Anything helps.

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i know it sounds really tough when you are that attached to someone and cant imagine letting them go, but if he misses "trading pics" on the internet, that is a pretty low thing and a pretty weak excuse to not want to commit. There's no need to make any rash decisions or cut him out of your life completely. But don't limit yourself to him if he is not committed. Tell him you don't want the title right now if there is no commitment. You can keep talking but then maybe you should keep your options open too. But obviously this is just a stranger's opinion so you may do what you like. I hope it works out :)
If I were you, before you get hurt, I would tread carefully. Because if he admitted to not committing, that can mean anything--and could be hinting at the ultimate doom of your relationship. And if he is, at five months, not wanting to commit, I think you deserve better. But, like Enigmatic Silence said, don't make any rash decisions. Just talk to him more about it to see where you two should go from there!
Honestly, I think you need to let go..At this point he is already telling you that he wants freedom, and if you confine him into a relationship that he doesn't want to stay committed to, it'll end up with him playing you or cheating on you. I know it is not exactly what you want to hear. But it is true..unless this guy has a turn around you are basically stuck with someone who wants others besides you, and you dont deserve that. You deserve someone who wants you and only you. Nothing else. That is my opinion.
i think the first time he kissed you or ever laid a hand on you he should of been ready to commit.. if not hes a boy, not a man,, just a boy looking for fun. and as women it is our responsibilities to take control, for whats good for us.. n boys are not good for us.. men are(men that are nice and are the type you are looking for... like same interest of back round... something like that.. unless your common interest is a serial killer.. then i would probably not suggest dating lol). but if that boy is not ready for the commitment hes just not ready for your awesomeness :) . and hate to break it to you..if thats all he wants is to trade pics and shit... then he was never really in love.. im sorry hun but every guy will eventually lie..some small...and some big... and you will learn to move on i mean you would be back to flirting to.. bet you he would get jealous seeing you with another man.. oh and one more thing if he really loved you then y did flirting and trading pics with other people affect you 2... it seems to me all he wanted was sex... TYPICAL RIGHT... well im not you so i dont know the hole story, just incase this sounds affensive... so take it of leave it (my advice..)
same thing happened to me. except a girl, and more like 9 months. pm me if you want. i ended it with her because i didnt want to lead myself on and get hurt even more.. but yeah.. itd be cool if we talked via pm..