Between a rock and a hard place regarding a friends self-harm problems.


What do I do guys. She’s a friend to both me and my girlfriend but she doesn’t want anyone outside my girlfriend knowing, especially me. She’s had a history of self-harm for awhile now and has made little effort to get help. Yesterday or earlier this morning (She’s UK we’re in the US) she took 8 Paracetmol over the course of 3 hours, She passed out and woke up sick. We don’t know for sure if it was either a cry for help, accident or a suicide attempt because she isn’t exactly of sound mind. Her mother knows very very little and I’m wondering if I should tell her, She’ll be very mad with both my girlfriend and I and it is kind of a 50/50 because her mother didn’t do much about us telling her about her self harm (as far as we know currently). Sorry if this isn’t the place but she’s a dear friend and is in need of some sort of help and isn’t wiling to help her self. What do I do?

Category: Tags: asked June 12, 2015