Anyone know of any films about falling in love again after having your heartbroken?


I’m going thorugh my first break up with someone I truely loved and I’m now in a confusing place/phase where I dont hate him anymore, but get nostalgic about the good times we had even though I don’t want him back (because I remember why he’s no good for me). I get this fuzzy feeling a miss the company, I think it’s just me feeling a tad lonely and wanting a new healthy relationship with a good guy. I get so confused with all these conflicting feelings, I get upset with myself now I’m starting to feel happy – a weird guilt which is completely inapproriate as I’ve been single 6 months now and I’m allowed to move on and be happy.

Films help me understand my emotions better sometimes and wondered if anyone knew about any films about finding love again after heartbreak to understand myself better and how I’m feeling.

Some examples of relationship films I like are:
- 300 Days of Summer
- Submarine
- Silverlinings playbook
- Eternal sunshine of a spotless mind
- Eyes wide shut

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when harry met sally, sort of is a good example
Every Nicholas Sparks story covers that base.

If you need a list of movies to help you get those feelings out so you can move on, try googling "Sappy Romance Movies".

It is okay to let go of an old relationship. It is okay to move on. Remember that your life isn't about making someone else happy. You are still an individual, and you matter.
I don't like sappy romance films I like deeper more realistic ones, usually indie films since they're not really huge profit driven films. Thanks for the kind words anyway :)
safe haven...its about a girl getting away from someone she used to love because he wasn't any good for her and she meets someone else. it was really good
Try "Must Love Dogs". Diane Lane and John Cusack from 2005. It fits what you describe."The Wedding Date" also from 2005, with Debra Messing and Dermot Mulrooney, has a happy ending, but the main girl is a bit more desperate for her old boyfriend in this film.