Anxiety and Depression


Starting a few weeks ago I had my first anxiety attack which lasted three hours. I have been bottling up my feelings all my life and I have a friend helping me change that. I think I may be depressed now but I’m not sure. I have fluctuations in mood, I’ll be sad, then angry, and then I’ll feel numb for a while. I haven’t been eating as much and it’s more difficult to get to sleep. I’ve had dreams about having anxiety attacks and have woken up with anxiety. I’m new to all this and don’t understand any of it. And advice any of you may have on how to let eighteen years of my life out, on how to deal with anxiety attacks, etc would be helpful. Thanks.

P.S. I’ve contemplated cutting and I’m not sure why, what does that mean?

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There needs to be an outlet for the things you normally bottle up. It's great that you have a friend to open up to, who is trying to help, that's one of the best things you can do is talk it out with someone. Or, sometimes it doesn't even have to be a person, it could be a pet, a pad of paper, or a computer, just let it out. Talking, writing, listening to relaxing/inspirational music, working out, etc. If you ever need someone to talk to, I'm always here! I was diagnosed with depression as a young teen, and I was diagnosed with anxiety as a young adult, maybe we could talk it all out to each other! Best wishes!
find your own ways of releasing and coping and grounding. listen to music that soothes you, go running, take a hike, go swimming, meditate, smoke some pot (if ya do that) write, read, volunteer places that help you feel who you really wanna be as a person, etc.
The best thing to do is talk. I know it's hard after staying silent for so long, but every little bit helps. It's good that you have a friend you can trust and vent to. Anxiety and depression often go hand-in-hand; feeling so afraid for so long can really impact your self-esteem and make life look pretty bleak. Plus, being so nervous all the time makes you tired and the feelings of depression and giving up aren't far behind that. Harming yourself can feel like the only way to release that pain you're feeling, but be wary of it. It may feel better in the moment, or even like you deserve it, but you can't heal hurt with hurt. When I've been stuck in a rut like that, I've tried to distract myself by flicking an elastic on my wrist (but BE GENTLE! I've overdone this and it has the ability to hurt you just as much as anything else- if you don't think you have enough self-control to stop yourself from going to far, don't even try it). Most of all, it takes time to understand your mind when something like this happens. If you can, seeing a therapist or any other doctor of the sort can really help, and they may even suggest a medication to make therapy and getting better a whole lot easier. If you can't, I find it helpful to write out all of my worries on a piece of paper, then beside each one write a "remedy." For example, If I am worried about an exam I'm about to do, I'll write "I am going to fail my exam." Beside that, I'll write a more rational outcome for it, such as "I have studied enough and I will do my best. I haven't failed an exam yet, and this one will not the the exception." It may feel ridiculous to write something like that, just because you're in the moment and you are afraid, but you just have to fake it until you make it. Eventually you will start to differentiate between rational thoughts and "fear" thoughts and won't have to write it out every single time, but it will that patience and practice. Again, seeing a therapist is your best approach because they will be able to give you a more personalized plan; what works for me may not work for you. I'm always here to talk if you ever need it.Best of luck!
I have both anxiety and depression. It began at the age of 12 for me so i have been dealing for 6 years. I use to cut regularly. I would keep slicing my skin just to feel something. I went through some phases and finally got on medications and went to talk to "professionals" and they didnt help me much but some find it helpful. they upset me and told me how i was feeling when they really didnt. i am the only one who knows how i feel. i started to get better and was eased off my meds. then in my junior year, the last week of school when the finals came up i had been going through so much as it was and the stress and anxiety of tests got to me. i was bullied for years, since elementary school. in highschool was when i was cyber bullied the most, i was called a soup can cause i posted on facebook (when i had one) that labels are for soup can and that im not. i was called a redneck hick because i was born and raised a daddys girl and always have love country music. i am a country person. but there is more but i was told to kill myself and that life would be better without me so i attempted suicide. was handcuffed and taken to the hospital and then a rehab type place with all adults and there i was 17 and scared and having speration anxiety from my dad who raised my big bro and i from when i was two when my mom passed away. since all that i still have depression and im still not on meds but i keep strong the best i can. i still want to give up...but i have a guy in my life whom i am in love with and eventhough it isnt easy being a gf, i keep trying. i lost my best friend a little over 3 months ago, my doggy of 12 years. im still hurting, then my uncle passed a little over 1.5 months, i wasnt close to him but it still hurts. i dont feel good enough for anyone and not even myself. i have no support from family. i want you to have a great life and to know you are not alone. and as for anxiety attacks, close your eyes and breathe slowly. take a hot shower. or even just write how you feel. i even punched my bed with tears rolling down, but it helps. i break down and then get so tired that i lay down and ask why do i have to deal by myself but now that i found this website, im not alone. and you arent either!keep smiling! :D
Also i left out. the reason you wont eat like normal and cant sleep like normal is side effects of depression, i have clinical depression which is close to being manic. there are natural pills you can take that you can get at walmart, "Melationin" is a sleep aid. i take it every night. and as for eating, dont worry about eating healthy, eat whatever you want. and if you arent hungry at all, drink milk, water, and 100% juice. stay healthy! and another med you can get at walmart is "St. Johns Wort" it helps to balance moods. please look into them!