Am i still a virgin?


What can i do to recover from my porn addiction? I started self gratifying myself when i was 14 never been with a female because of rejection after rejection nor never had a girlfriend because of that. If i masturbate and never been with a girl am i still a virgin? I’m a porn/sex addict whatever have you i have to be up getting ready for church in less than an hour this shit is giving me insomnia what can i do to stop this shit?

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7 Answers

@sm1else No one ever said it was a game. Many people who are trying to get over the addiction are very serious in eliminating it. It is a challenge for certain people to get over this type of addiction.
You're still a virgin. You can try to gradually build your addiction down and also try to get as much distraction as possible.
There is a group on Reddit called NoFap (not joking), they have all sorts of topics to fight masturbation and porn addiction. Here's an emergency tool: and here's a great Ted talk about porn addiction by Gary Wilson, it will help you start off and then you can research more about the Reddit group:
Actually, instead of the NoFap challenge (I hate this name, overcoming sex addiction is not a challenge, nor a game) I would take a look at It gots great article about that and a pretty active forum.
nothing wrong with masturbating fuck u guys , u hypcrytical jerks , :(
I'm not trying to relaspe no offense but that reddit video seems to me to be making fun of the addiction.
You are indeed still a virgin. You aren't a virgin until you actually have sexual intercourse. Now to get over the addiction you might want to consider getting help from a therapist and help from friends and family and being open about your addiction. There is nothing wrong with asking for help especially when the help will change you for the better.