Am I justified?


Recently, I told my mother that I hated her, or at least was no longer capable of loving her.
She’d made me feel like absolutely nothing, like a blight on the world, I was honestly THIS close to offing myself for a little bit there.
Do I have an obligation to love my mother no matter what?

Category: asked November 3, 2013

5 Answers

People say that family is family, and you are required to love them because of that. However, sometimes people ARE bad. Since you haven't given the full story, I have no say in whether the circumstances in which you told you your mother you hate her are okay or not, however, I do feel like everyone hates their parents at least once in their lives, but you usually can get over it, because they ARE family and you do love them, even though you sometimes don't like them.
U don't have an obligation to love her no matter wht.. If a person even if it's a mother who makes you feel bad .. Then u hav every right to be angry at her. If she is not a good mother then ur hate towards her is justified
In a way, you ARE justified. I mean, surely you're familiar with Cinderella? Think of the Evil Stepmother. "Evil" is even in her title. She took care of Cinderella, but she never loved her in return. Just because someone brought you into this world or is technically taking care of you doesn't mean you automatically have to or are forced to love them. Sometimes people don't earn your love, and therefore don't deserve to have it. Anyone who makes you feel like that frequently should be aware that they aren't endearing themselves to you, and can't expect your affection. However, I do think it would be a good idea to somehow find a way to re-establish a loving relationship with your mom. A talk, maybe? Bonding time? Whatever happens, I hope everything goes well!
if she is as bad as i imagine her through your description then she isn't your mother, she simply brought you into this world because a mother may not be perfect, but her love for her child should be perfect
You have a right to be angry but since I don't know what your mom said or why she said it I can't tell you if its because she loves you or she doesn't. Either way you should still try to talk to your mom and if it gets too bad just come on here and vent a little. Just make sure you take back saying you hate her because if she took that to heart and something bad happened to her no matter what she said or didn't say you would still be very sad and guilty for the last thing you said to your mom was "I hate you" or that you never smoothed things over and she always thought you hated her. Just try to fix things and look at things from her point of view and always tell her you love her. If you need someone to talk to feel free to pm me.