Am I destined to be stuck in unrequited love forever?


I’m 18 now and I’ve already fallen in love with 3 men. My first love is already married just a month ago. Honestly, he was such a kind and caring person. He never knew that I loved him. I just kept it as a secret. I had always loved him before even though he was engaged at the time. On the other hand, the second guy that I fell in love with was mean and a bully to me. He already knows that I have a thing for him but he made it worse. He even used me to be with my best friend. He also even embarrassed me in front of many people a couple years ago. And finally the last one, is my friend. He made me feel so special before but now, he treats me like a crap. This guy is also my first kiss. He was even harsh and blunt to me when we got into a big argument that eventually lead to ending our friendship.
Btw, I was also infatuated with some random guys. They also never knew that I liked them. They were also never got interested with me. Some of them even intentionally avoided me for no apparent reasons. Some of them even made fun of me. </3

Why am I always dealing with unrequited love? Am I destined to be stuck in unrequited love forever?

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2 Answers

No, honey, you are not, faith and luck were just mean towards you for a while but your life won't be just...this. You won't let it just be unrequited love, will you? True love comes when we less expect it. You see, love is a mystery. Is hard, pretty complicated and painful, but it's amazing at the end. You've fallen three times so I'm sure you know all of this. But when the right man finally comes, you'll know. Just wait, don't rush things.Love will come when it has to. In the meantime, enjoy life and forget about those who hurt you and mock you. They never deserved you in the first place.
...Theres a trend here. And even though you sound like a good person, I do believe when theres a trend the constant *which is you* is at some fault. You need to stick up for yourself and take action when you have a crush either you will always be love-sick. Not to be harsh. But if these people are taken, you need to back up and collect yourself. AND if they arent you need to make a move and when it flops. Be sincere. It was a hit or miss. And that bully has some issues. And the person treating you like crap IS NOT worth it. But I repeat take action. You are not a victim. You are a strong woman who has control of their life. *just repeat that to yourself when you feel weak in situations*. I've been the love-sick friend to a crush and it sucks! But i told this person. "Hey. I like you. I think you're cute and i wanna eat pizza with you while watching cartoons. and maybe kiss." I swear thats the jest of what i said and it worked. ^-^