almost had a fist fight ?


so few months ago … i decided to step out of my home . I was very lonely and sad before so i decided to go out for walks . I had frnds only in school .
so saw some guys playing soccer and i used to play before where i used to live earlier . i asked them if i could play and i played then . made some new frnds , started playing regularly . things were good .. and today shit happened

this guy who is a cunt , was messing with me .. not for the first time though .
I told him to back off ( he is a year yoiunger than me ) … he was being a prick yet again
so i went on a abusing spree … threatened him … still abusing him .. him retaliating and i am ready to kick his ass .. but i walk out instead .. other guys block us off and i walk off ready to call my school frnds to help me kick his ass but i did not go through with it (AND THIS IS VERY FIRST TIME I HAVE DONE ANYTHING LIKE THAT , I AM NOT THAT TYPE OF GUY ) but he was jsut being a cunt …

it has ended and is not a big deal … but i just feel angry and sad now .. screw that guy
i was a bit frustrated for real .. things are not going well .. i want to make my life better but just cant seem to do it .. i was going good … had not been so down in months
and then came today … i just feel so alone and lonely sometimes..
i know i should focus on the positive …

but i just loose my focus at times … i wish things were simpler , they were better , i wish the world was not littered with assholes like him .

i am sorry i just want to know … why do i overthink stuff … ? how do i stop ?
how do i be happy with myself ?
please help me out .. i dont know what to say .. i am just broken

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3 Answers

that guy probably does stuff like that all the time because it makes him feel in control and powerful. It's just a power trip to him. He probably gets off on making you loose your cool so next time I recommend just brushing him off or giving him a look like "what the heck is wrong with you". You have friends from school right? maybe you should make more of an effort to hang out with them out of school. It's good to have a variety of people to rely on. Don't let the stuff that doesn't matter drag you down.
Don't worry about shit like that. It's good that you didn't act on your frustration, that shit just leads to more shit. In the end it was just something that happened and you'll get over it, just try to busy yourself with other things to keep your mind off it and you'll forget about it in a few days.
I think the one thing to keep in mind no matter how much you're tempted or antagonized to that point, is that you are better than that, and obviously you aren't all too proud of it. Don't hold yourself down about it either though, don't blame yourself, but instead work to do things differently in the future. Work to cope in healthy ways. Like the first comment above, you'll find that life changes when you surround yourself with positive people. Find your support system and your safety net. You'll be okay, I believe that.