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I’m starting a new school year. I already picked out a new look and everything. But I feel like I’m just going to go through another year of how ‘adorable’ and ‘small’ I am or how foul mouth and bad tempered I am. I’m sick and tired of it. I just would like some advice on how to deal with being so short and speaking anything on my mind(No matter if it makes sense or not.). My heights been the same for the past four years with no sign of growth. I always say things that makes sense to no one but me and I look the same every year. To make things worse apparently I’m intimidating and hard to approach because of how I walk and dress(My brother said I have a walk like a mobster or gang member from the movies). I dont get what I could change. If I act nice people will plow over me because they think they can. If I act and dress how I previous I’m a adorable little thug. I really want to make this year bearable without cursing someone out who thinks its okay to patronize me or harass me because I look innocent. I cant even ask a question that people understand.

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Surround yourself with a group of people that won't care about those aspects. I know it sounds silly but maybe try hanging with a unique group like yourself. :3 I was a long-haired hippie BUT with a big interest in heavy mental and motorcycles. It was really tough explaining being the veggie eating "sweetie" everyone saw. THEN I noticed if you find nonjudgmental people. IT DOESNT MATTER ^-^ honestly. Share yourself with pride. You are different. and SHOW it. Dont be afraid. And for the no-filter: repeat what you want to say in your head. ^-^' practice and patience. Good luck and no fear! :)
While I do think the best answer is: be who you want to be and find the people who like you for that.

There is another solution. You can be both nice and firm. You can be a good person who doesn't get bulldozed over. It's all in what you say, when you say it, and how you say it.

For instance; someone runs you over in the hall. You could shout: "Hey I'm walking here!" in angry mobster voice or, instead you can say, "Oh, excuse me. I'm sorry you didn't see me." in the southern belle style with a smile. It'll make them second guess running you over. Trust me... even I have a hard time being mean to a belle - those girls fight dirty - and yet... always smell clean.
Whenever you can't fight it, you own it. Your height can be a huge advantage as much as it sounds like a disadvatage to you, so working WITH it may help and even make u feel better about yourself.

At the end of the day, it's just about how you percieve yourself. You don't need to place your own style or personality in any extreme just because other people see you as so. Shorts girls can be adorable, they can be tough or they can be none. You should take elements from any standart style to build up your own, so you'll feel more confortable in your own shoes.