A Major Change


quite literally. I want to change my major. Currently I am in my first college semester so not too much damage money wise if I change now. I want to create art, that is where my heart is. But the chances of surviving on my own off of art is pretty tiny so I was going to teach art. Specifically high school art. The college I am at, which I will not change, offers early education (teaching toddlers-10). That is what i’m majoring in now plus art. However in Florida to teach high school all you need is a bachelors in your chosen program. So I”m consider changing my major from early edu. and art to Business entrepreneurship and art. That way I can teach and if my art takes off I can make a business of it…I’m just wondering if it is a good idea, what are your thoughts and opinions?

Category: Tags: asked October 25, 2014

3 Answers

Good idea in my opinion
If it's where your heart is at and that's what you wanna do, go for it
as someone who works as a full time artist(I work as a sign artist on a grocery store for a consistent pay check, also im in my 3rd year of my tattoo apprenticeship, and making personal art) it is definitely not easy working as an artist, but it can be truly rewarding. If you want to teach art, also consider there are a lot of community programs and a lot of hospitals and senior communities that need art teachers. you dont have to work in a school. deciding to work as an artist is the best decision i've made. go for it!